Benjamin Brockway the Owner, Operator and Master Trainer for Black Paw Canine (BPC), a Veteran Owned & Operated Company.  They are the leading canine program in Central Ohio in the areas of exceptional service canines, Law Enforcement canine, handler professional development and canine behavioral assessments. ​

The name BPC was developed after his personal, working and service dog Remi.  She was a 9-year-old Dutch Shepherd and love to show all sides of her personality, from playful pup to hard core working dog.  The drive to own his own dog consulting company arose many, many years ago when he trained his first bird dog.  He has been hooked on animal behavior, specifically canine behavior ever since!


The best part about working with various types of dogs are the multiple breeds you encounter of various sizes, shapes and personalities.  One of the best moments in training is when he can see the dog begin to learn and understand what he is asking of it. 


He focuses on utilizing dog psychology. What does this mean you might ask?  It's when we can speak dog to dog and utilize positive rewards.  He always ends a session on a positive note where the dog gets to take home a win.  This instills in the dog a positive mindset, which in turn translates to wanting to please their handler.

He is a United States Veteran and currently serving as a Naval Reservist.  He has many years of dog training experience, that include civilian and military.  He is a certified Master Canine Trainer, Operational Decoy, Operational Decoy Instructor, and Canine Behavioral Specialist.

Black Paw Canine has been proudly providing high quality products and services to the Ohio area since 2012. What differentiates them from other businesses is the ability to truly connect with our customers, and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through their site at www.blackpawcanine.com.